'Hi I cant begin to tell you of the joy & delight in receiving a parcel of your soaps brings, the perfumes are divine. Have a lovely weekend & thank you for prompt service always.'
Poole, Dorset

'I’m loving the lip balm and the eye crème'
Anne Marie,
Wakefield, W. Yorks

'I just wanted to send you some feedback. My mum recently bought me some rose and ylang ylang body butter. I cannot tell you how fantastic this is. It smells fantastic, feels lush and best of all, it has cured my eczema on my hands!! I have tried so many different emoliants and steroid creams but nothing has worked as dramatically! I have no idea why this has worked and don't really care why, I just wanted to let you know and say thankyou!!'
Eve, Nottingham

'I happened upon you at a little craft fair in Matlock. I bought some rose body butter and you kindly gave me and my husband a free soap sample. Just to let you know that was a great idea as I am now ordering more soap and body butter! Plus I keep showing my customers (I am a private physio) and they all love it too. Hope you get some orders from them too.'
Deborah, Rugely, Uttoxeter

'We bought pocket balms at the Farmers and Craft Fair in Chorlton and wanted to drop a message saying that we are absolutely pleased about the products, I put it on my face and it is just gorgeous! Are you planning on inventing an anti-aging cream for the face as well? That would be great!
Good luck and all the best with your products!'
Meral, Chorlton,
Gtr. Manchester.

'Just wanted to let you know that I took delivery of the three containers of your Foot Soother when the postman called today. Thanks again for your prompt service.'
Margaret Rankine, London

'Just to say a big thank you yet again for such wonderful service. Have a great weekend. Dont work too hard!'
Julie, Poole, Dorset

'Wanted to let you know, I was in Derbyshire earlier this month and LOVE your products!!' Sarah Streeter, Bridgetown, W. Australia.

'Good Morning, just ordered some Restorative Balm online for my partner. The reason being he has pollen problems and he finds that smearing his nostrils and his eye lashes with your Restorative product helps enormously. Also whilst l was on holiday l suffered with the usual twice a year cold sore, l used working hands straightaway and l am sure the cold sore was not as bad as it usually is. Will try it again in the winter (always seem to get one then). I will let you know the outcome. We love your products, Well Done.'
Jill Wilson, Sheffield, S. Yorks.